Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I Don't Know If I'm Doing This Correctly or Not. Probably the Latter.

Hello world.

One day about two months ago, Brellie was sitting across from me at our usual table in the Skyroom restaurant (a weekly and sometimes bi-weekly occurrence) and she said to me, "Seestah, we should start a blog." I stared at her and asked why. She then told me that we could get free clothes and the like. I said I was in.

And behold, our Eenstah Seestah blog was born. (Side note--don't know where the world "seestah" comes from? Just watch the Oscar-worthy movie Stardust.)

We plan to take turns posting various stories and thoughts from our life as well as discussing food, fashion, and cats.

We promise to not get sappy, just sassy. Also, this will NOT be a Mormon mommy blogger blog considering the fact that neither of us have any plans to birth a child anytime soon.

Peace and blessings. Enjoy.


  1. connect this to my dearelder or something please.

  2. Super cute, can't wait to read more! You guys should check out my blog sometime :) I'd love to be blog friends!
    Julie Hansen @ Different is Beautiful